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Have you written loads of lecture summaries or do you write a lot of notes? On Stuvia, you can sell your study work in a jiffy. Upload your document(s), determine your own price and earn money each time you sell your document(s). Just think about it, you can finally kiss that dreary part-time job goodbye!
4 reasons to start selling now
Earn money with existing work
On Stuvia, your summaries and notes will become more than just a means to pass your exams. Give your notes a second life by putting them up for sale. This way, you will earn money from work you have already done. There are even some students who continue to earn from their study materials, years after they have graduated. Turn your study materials of today into a source of income for the future. Without having to do any extra work.
Top sellers earn thousands of pounds
The right material at the right time is worth a lot of money. The top sellers on Stuvia earn hundreds to thousands of pounds each year. They use this extra income for holidays, social lives and some even pay their college tuition fees with their earnings.
Every download is worth money
As soon as a summary has been sold, you will receive a notification from us confirming that money has been deposited on your profile. Because everything works digitally, you can easily sell one document a hundred times! This is especially true in the exam period, where thousands of summaries are sold each day. Ka-ching!
We promote your summaries
Once you’ve uploaded your summaries on Stuvia, our marketing machine will spring into action. We will notify potential buyers about the best summaries right before their exams. With over 400,000 members, Stuvia is the place to sell your summaries!
Stories from previous sellers
It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it! Read some of our sellers’ stories about what they have earned on Stuvia.
Iris, Communication studies
“I’ve arranged for Stuvia to pay me just before the summer break, so I can pay for my holiday with the money. The great thing is, it hardly takes any time at all. A book that I summarised two years ago, is still earning me money today. The summary has been downloaded 350 times, and that has earned me 700 pounds.”
Angela, Law
“Sometimes I earn 1,200 euros in three months. Easy money for a weekend away. I’ve already been to various European cities from the money I’ve earned through Stuvia, like Valencia, London, Vienna and Budapest.”
Frequently asked Questions
These are the questions we often receive about selling on Stuvia.
What will I earn by selling?
Every time your document, flashcard or bundle is sold on Stuvia, you earn money. The price is completely up to you. Smart sellers experiment with their pricing to find the optimal point of sales.
When will I receive the money I’ve earned?
The relevant amount will be deposited on your Stuvia profile after each sale. As soon as you have earned more than 10 pounds, you can arrange to have this amount withdrawn. We transfer the funds you have arranged to have withdrawn direct to your bank account every Monday.
What are the costs involved?
Selling on Stuvia is completely free. When you sell a document, you will pay a small commission from your sales price automatically. A win-win situation for everyone.
What can you sell on Stuvia?
On Stuvia, you can sell any study material of which you own the copyright. Think of book summaries, lecture notes, study guides, case studies, essays, theses, and so forth.