What students say about Stuvia

It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what students have to say about Stuvia.
PEARSON · 1 month ago
i think its a great platform to get help for your studies. but also a great platform to earn some money
PEARSON · 1 month ago
i think the company is very well with the information they provide, and have a sensible service when a customer needs help.
PEARSON · 3 months ago
a very good way of helping others and is also very helpful for myself as I have used it multiple times would definitely recommend to others.
PEARSON · 4 months ago
Great service and money as well, all your hard working at nights and days deserved to pay you back, and Stuvia is what your want to have!
Harrodian · 5 months ago
Great way to earn money - without putting in extra effort (other than the notes you make). I found that I am inspired to make better detailed notes with the hope that other people will buy them for more money. Its a great way to earn money for notes you made years ago.
PEARSON · 5 months ago
Just great service towards all the students across the world
CIE · 5 months ago
Amazing! I never thought I would earn a significant amount of money from my notes. Not only did my hard work pay off short term but it fills me with pride and joy seeing that the work I did is still effecting me positively one whole year later and helping other people. Thanks!
PEARSON · 6 months ago
fantastic and a great way to earn abit of cash
PEARSON · 6 months ago
i live the fact that i can make money off of my hard work
PEARSON · 6 months ago
An excellent way of giving out thoughts and ideas to help those in need for a better future mentally, physically and/or financially. Absolutely fantastic and would recommend to others to do the same