What students say about Stuvia

It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what students have to say about Stuvia.
AQA · 2 weeks ago
Stuvia is excellent. It has provided a way to earn cash whilst studying at University, without needing to do very much.
Pearson · 2 weeks ago
I think stuvia is a great place where you can help other students. You can also earn a good pocket money. It's very useful as I can see what other students did for the same assignment.
Pearson · 2 weeks ago
Using Stuvia for almost a year, I have to say, it exceeded all of my expectation. Uploading documents was fast and hassle free. It is an amazingly easy to use and also make little extra money without any stress or too much effort which is absolutely mind-blowing. I highly recommend using Stuvia for anyone who wants to make effortless money or an easy way of getting help with revision or assignments.
AQA · 2 weeks ago
I’m really liking my experience with Stuvia so far. One thing I would really like added (and I’m not sure if it already is but I haven’t yet found it) is a views report as I would like to see how my advertising strategies are going on a daily basis.
PEARSON · 2 weeks ago
I am beginning to really love Stuvia. At first, I was worried that I wouldn't get the sales but all I can say now is that I wish I joined Stuvia a lot sooner as once my work was out there it really grew. I have gone from having no status to a bronze level within a matter of a month from starting. I just love that I can help support other students with their studies because being in that position myself, the help is extremely important for that extra boost of confidence.
Oxford University · 2 weeks ago
Stuvia is a great resource for students
Pearson · 2 weeks ago
I think Stuvia is awesome! Being able to sell my work and help others at the same time... it’s a win win! Being able to sell on stuvia makes me feel like all my hard work is being paid off and appreciated by others. I love how I can sell in bundles as well as individual essays. It makes selling easier for me and buying easier for others. What I earn from Stuvia sometimes goes towards a small treat for myself, and I put some away to save for something big. :)
SOAS , University of London · 2 weeks ago
Stuvia is an excellent, easy to use and effective platform to buy and sell notes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Bournemouth University (South West) · 1 month ago
It's really great.
Cardiff Metropolitan University · 1 month ago
This website is great as I can earn money of notes I take in class when I no longer need them, I can also find other notes on here that I need for classes