What students say about Stuvia

It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what students have to say about Stuvia.
Cambridge University · 1 month ago
Stuvia seems like a great way to earn rewards for your hard work, while helping fellow students. Prices for high quality work are very affordable and it's a democratic, fair way of sharing information. I think every student should use Stuvia to make studying just that much easier :)
Pearson · 1 month ago
Thanks for offering this opportunity, my coursework can sometimes be a bit confusing but with the help of your site it truly does lighten the pressure. Thanks once again
IISER Mohali · 1 month ago
I am glad to join stuvia. Hope i can help by sharing my knowledge through Stuvia.
Pearson · 2 months ago
With the money I earn on stuvia.... I put into my savings to help save for holidays!
The University of Aberdeen · 2 months ago
With the money I earn on Stuvia, I´m financing my trips around the globe, even when it not so much, it still helps.
The University of Nottingham · 5 months ago
I think Stuvia super useful, because… it allows me to list my resources online and help peers studying at the same level as myself, enabling both parties benefit; the buyer of the document as they receive excellent resources and myself through a small amount of money which can be further put towards my studies.
The University of Warwick · 2 months ago
With the money I earn on Stuvia, I continue to finance my own education at postgraduate level. I'm pleased to be able to offer students the results of long, hard revision and note-taking for a reasonable price, as it helps me continue to learn.
Kingston College (London) · 2 months ago
I think Stuvia super useful, because…it benefits in two ways. Number one - it helps and guides students to achieve the maximum grade with their assignments. Number two - it provides a monthly income to those selling work online which means they are monthly receiving payments for their work which is required for students in these ages.
Pearson · 2 months ago
With the money I earn on Stuvia I can invest into myself and the things that truly matter to me. Stuvia helps me earn money while helping other fellow students pass their exams and to get their qualifications. It's an amazing platform for both the sellers and for those looking for resources!
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