What students say about Stuvia

It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what students have to say about Stuvia.
PEARSON · 2 weeks ago
Stuvia is a great service, where one can strike an opportunity and make quick and easy cash.
PEARSON · 1 month ago
Stuvia is the best platform for selling my old assignment work that I completed in College. Now that I am at University, Stuvia helps me to earn money whilst studying!
Lancaster University · 2 months ago
It's amazing! Great way to earn some spare cash for the work I already did at uni.
PEARSON · 1 month ago
It is an amazing app, helps a lot of students just like me. I love how you can help others using your own brain. Stuvia deserves an award!
University of Law · 1 month ago
Stuvia is a great way for students to encourage and support eachother. As students we have all experienced the struggle of retaining, revising and obtaining relevant information for academic assessments. Stuvia allows students to connect and help each other in times of need which takes away some of the pressure and stress that we undergo in our studies.
PEARSON · 1 month ago
Upload your old work to help students with their work and cash out real money!! Had this for about 3/4 weeks and made £20 already. Feels nice to be awarded for your work.
PEARSON · 2 months ago
i think its really great to learn and buy things to help in education
OCR · 2 months ago
A great platform to share your work and help others achieve their potiental.
Pearson · 3 months ago
a great site that helps find more information and help those who are struggling on their work