This is what students say about Stuvia

It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what students have to say about Stuvia.
Newham sixth form college · 1 week ago
I think Stuvia super useful, because it helped me achieved good grades last year as well as helped me earn money i can use for university.
PEARSON · 1 week ago
I think Stuvia super useful, because it's a great platform to sell and share your work to help other students who may be struggling.
AQA · 1 month ago
I think Stuvia super useful , because You can engage and communicate with people all the around the world regarding the work you have done.
OCR · 2 months ago
With the money I earn on Stuvia I save money towards further driving lessons.
Bradford College · 2 months ago
I think Stuvia is super useful because it allows you to pass on your knowledge to other people (staff and students).
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