What students say about Stuvia

It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what students have to say about Stuvia.
PEARSON · 3 weeks ago
An excellent way of giving out thoughts and ideas to help those in need for a better future mentally, physically and/or financially. Absolutely fantastic and would recommend to others to do the same
OCR · 1 month ago
Happy about ITS service!
The Hermitage Academy · 1 month ago
I personally cannot fault Stuvia. You upload and do everything yourself and somehow people want and buy your products. It's great!
PEARSON · 2 months ago
Stuvia is a great way to get the guidance you need from fellow students or former students who have done the same course as you. Being able to get the advice and other people's notes or work to help you is great. It's also a great little way to earn money just by helping other students with your work.
PEARSON · 2 months ago
Stuvia is a great service, where one can strike an opportunity and make quick and easy cash.
PEARSON · 3 months ago
Stuvia is the best platform for selling my old assignment work that I completed in College. Now that I am at University, Stuvia helps me to earn money whilst studying!
Lancaster University · 3 months ago
I was honestly so surprised when I got a notification saying someone had bought my notes. And then 2 more people bought them right after that and all of a sudden I’d made some spare cash without having a lift a finger! Stuvia is amazing!
PEARSON · 3 months ago
It is an amazing app, helps a lot of students just like me. I love how you can help others using your own brain. Stuvia deserves an award!
University of Law · 3 months ago
Stuvia is a great way for students to encourage and support eachother. As students we have all experienced the struggle of retaining, revising and obtaining relevant information for academic assessments. Stuvia allows students to connect and help each other in times of need which takes away some of the pressure and stress that we undergo in our studies.
PEARSON · 3 months ago
Upload your old work to help students with their work and cash out real money!! Had this for about 3/4 weeks and made £20 already. Feels nice to be awarded for your work.