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How to be and stay motivated to go to college

Published on 22 October 2018·Latest update at 14 March 2019

A lot of students are so busy with going to college that they often think: why am I doing this? Do you ever have the same feeling? You are not the only one. Even though we all think this sometimes, it is important to get yourself together again and find some motivation to continue studying again. After all, you do need to pass those exams to get your diploma!

Your choice in your Freshman year is crucial

The first year of going to college is very decisive for the rest of your future. Often, during or after this first year, you get an advice whether you can continue with the study you are following, or if you need to stop. It is very important to decide if this really is the study you want to continue following for a few more years. Read the following tips to help you stay motivated.

Keep in mind WHY you want this

The goal of every form of education is to get a diploma. This piece of paper will get you into other colleges or get you a good job with a decent pay. Always keep this in mind, because going to college really isn’t useless. Always remember the first reason why you started this. What do you want to accomplish and why do you need that diploma for this? Keep telling yourself that you can only accomplish your goal, if you’ve finished college and got your diploma.

Where there is a will, there's a way

Actually, the only thing you need to get your  degree is perseverance. You need willpower to finish all those assignments and study for all the exams. Though, it isn’t just for a few weeks or months, you will need this willpower for a few years. Make sure you remember this. Also, save some time and energy to do things that make you happy besides going to college. Keep a positive mindset! You really need this during your college years, otherwise you won’t make it to your graduation. Try to do something fun every day. This doesn’t have to be a huge activity, just cook your favorite meal, drink a beer with friends or go to the gym to release some tension.

Think about the consequences

When you lose your motivation for a bit, think about what will be the consequence if you quit. Or if you let your lack of motivation lead and don’t get enough good grades to successfully finish the semester. When you don’t get your diploma, you might have to pay back a huge student loan. Or you will have to do a full time job for the rest of your life, that you don’t particularly like. So if you don’t want to work as a waiter or in a supermarket for the rest of your life, try to stay determined to get your diploma. Even if you think that you are not going to make it, just keep trying and do your best!

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