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What To Eat During Exam Time

Published on 18 October 2018·Latest update at 11 April 2019


At some schools and universities it’s allowed to eat during tests and exams. If you don’t get distracted too easily, it’s fine to bring some snacks with you to your table. Though, if food is not allowed during the exam, you could eat a snack before you start the exam, so you don’t feel very hungry while making those difficult questions. Also, if you do get distracted quickly, keep in mind that you don’t pay too much attention to the food and keep focussing on your exam questions. We listed all the do’s and don’ts about food and exams for you underneath.


Make sure that you eat light and easy digestible food. If you eat too big meals or heavy snacks, some of your blood will go away from your brains and go to your stomach, to help it digest the food. That’s why, sometimes after a huge lunch or dinner, you get the so called ‘after-dinner-dip’. So, eat something before the exam, but keep it small and simple. If you do want to eat something during an exam - and it’s allowed at your university - bring something small. For instance, choose for vegetables like cucumber, small tomatoes or fruit like an apple, banana or grapes. Or pick a candybar you like, cheese, a cupcake or a cracker for example.

The most important thing is to don’t get distracted by hunger or food. After all, the exam is all that counts. So make sure you have eaten enough to rock the questions and don’t fall asleep or get very hungry. And be sure to bring something small for during the exam, for emergencies. If this isn’t allowed though, bring it for after the exam. So you can bring up your energie for studying or another exam afterwards.


Probably 99% of the time, you will make your exam with other students in the same room. Some snacks might therefore be disturbing to your fellow students. Think about packages that make a lot of noise, like a bag of chips. It can be very annoying if you are trying to focus on the questions and you get a lot of noise from the persons next to you, because he is opening a sandwich bag. So please have some respect to the other students and bring a snack that doesn’t make too much noise while opening it and eating it.

At last, there is one aspect that might distract the most: a horrible smell. Imagine trying to focus on an exam, while you smell onions, garlic, smelly cheese or other strong scents. So keep that in mind when you pick a snack. Also, don’t eat too much garlic before the exam, you classmates will smell this.

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