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Summary *COVID-SALE* A-Level Sociology Families and Households Revision Pack [16,000 Words/36 Pages]

*MTEACHINGS COVID SALE UNTIL END OF MARCH 2021* Families and Households, one of the more enjoyable yet in-depth sociological topics that one could come across. Our finely curated and refined document will easily allow you to achieve the highest grades, through our colour highlighting of A01, A02 and A03 Points that are directly applicable to your exam questions, our expanded upon information, up to date statistical analysis and wider theorists. Rest assure that if you follow this document you will be guided to achieve the best grades, no need for tuition or anything! The document has the following topics; - Theories on the Family - Marriage, Divorce and Cohabitation - Family Diversity - Changes within the family; gender roles, domestic labour and power relationships - Childhood - Social Policy - Demography

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