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Building regulatory control of health and safety in the construction industry

Accidents within the construction industry have continued to be a concern and threat on and international scale.The concern is due to construction having the highest rates of accidents in many countries.(Camino López, Ritzel, Fontaneda, & González Alcantara, 2008)[1] The injuries and deaths that occur from accidents in construction force a high cost on the construction industry.[2](Pearce, 2003) In conclusion, from 2003 to 2016 an estimate of 3,414 suffered from a fatality at work in Australia.In 2016, 182 fatalities were reported that gave a rate of 1.5 fatality per 100,000 workers this was the minimum rate to date since 2003.(see appendix D ) Whereas, 137 workers suffered from fatalities in work in the UK in 2016.From 2016 there is a reduced amount of 10 fatalities from 2015, therefore it is the second year fatalities have been low after 2013/14.(see appendix E)The fatalities have remained at a general level over the years with the average number over 5 years being 142 between 2011 and 2016. From the statics, the UK has not produced recognisable improvements regarding the figure of fatalities over the previous 5 years.Australia, however had improved by an 11% rate on the number of their fatalities, designating to become the same level as the UK death rate in around seven years to come. uwl

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