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Business and business environment

1.1 Introduction The business environment is affected and shaped by several elements. The study is focused on examining the types and purposes of organisations, organisational scope and size. The assignment further examined the relationship between organisational objectives and the functional structures which makes up the organisation. The assignment concluded that functional structures require coordinated actions in order to achieve organisational objectives. Weak coordination among functional units creates unhealthy competition among functions and hinders growth and performance of the organisation. 1.2 Types and purposes of organizations Organizations exist in different forms and functions. The type of organization is based on the factors including size and nature of the business, technical expertise, market size and scope, capital and asset requirement, and the limitation and restrictions which the organization is allowed to operate (Harvey, 2018). In this study, the types of business were examined from two perspectives which were the ownership types and the functional element. In terms of ownership of the business organization, three types of business are operated which

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