2019/20 - LPC Notes - Business Law & Practice - Exam Ready Notes (Distinction Grade) - £15.49   Add to cart

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2019/20 - LPC Notes - Business Law & Practice - Exam Ready Notes (Distinction Grade)

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Exam Ready Notes for First-Term Module Business Law and Practice. These notes got me 79% overall for my LPC, with 78% in BLP. They are tailored specifically to the Workshops and Exams. These are to be coupled with the other notes i'm selling entitled '2019/20 - LPC Notes - Business Law & Practice - Company Decision Making Procedure (Distinction Grade)'. I've been told by some students in the last few days that the page numbers are no longer accurate. I apologise for this. I am happy to confirm however that the content is still accurate as of the 2019/20 syllabus. Note, any reference to a 'Cheatsheet' is a reference to '2019/20 - LPC Notes - Business Law & Practice - Company Decision Making Procedure (Distinction Grade)' which is also available on Stuvia.

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By: kimiyakhezri • 1 day ago

By: examreadynotes • 1 day ago

Thanks Kimiyakhezri - I appreciate your positive review! Be sure to check out my other offerings - namely Dispute Resolution and Real Estate!

By: shahanatariq92 • 2 days ago

By: examreadynotes • 2 days ago

Sorry to feel this way - can I ask why you've not enjoyed the notes as much as you'd have liked?

By: charlottecggreen • 3 days ago

By: examreadynotes • 3 days ago

Cheers Charlotte - all the best for the exams. Feel free to check out my other notes for the core modules (Dispute Resolution and Real Estate in particular!)

By: isabelmaria • 4 days ago

By: examreadynotes • 4 days ago

Thanks for the great review, be sure to check out my other notes for the other modules!

By: jamesdetrafford • 5 days ago

By: victoriaoya • 1 week ago

Great notes. However the notes state ‘see cheatsheet’ frequently. Would love a copy of this too.

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