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Unit 21 - Biomedical Science Techniques - Applied Science P3, M2 and D2 - Extended Diploma

This piece of work is to help with the P3, M2 and D2 Unit 21 Applied Science 2010 - My teacher has signed this assignment off which means that it does meet the grading criteria. Hope it helps, all the best. Please take note that this document cannot be copied and I would appreciate if you respect my work and use it to help yourself, however, please put it in your own words rather than copy. This piece of work is for guidance purposes. MAKE SURE TO REFERENCE YOUR WORK!! Meets the grading criterias: P3 - explain how the body defends itself against infection. M2 - explain how the cells of the immune system allow an immune response to be evoked and maintained. D2 - compare and contrast the effectiveness and efficiency of non-specific defences with specific defences. Hope this helps, wish you all the best.

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It does specify when it comes to D2, as it asks us to compare all non- specific barrier, including cellular defences, as well as specific defences before and after infection. this only talks about it very briefly.

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