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Business Law and Practice (BLP) Revision Notes 2017 - Distinction

I completed the LPC (Legal Practice Course) at BPP University in 2017 with a 90% distinction. These very detailed and condensed notes cover the entire Business Law and Practice module, including tax, business accounts and procedure plans. I have covered every SGS and highlighted all the key statutory references. My friends at other universities, such as the University of Law, have also used these notes to achieve high distinctions.

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Reviews ( 22 )
By ammaraht  · 1 month ago
By snehasethuppathy  · 1 month ago
By tracyanncc  · 2 months ago
By hmouellef  · 2 months ago
Honestly, they’re a little too vague. Not much different from my own notes. Shame
By sofiabafaloukou  · 3 months ago
By saniyaahmed  · 4 months ago
By jtomney  · 4 months ago
By michael1910  · 4 months ago
By niamhotoole46  · 4 months ago
By merelrehorst-smith  · 4 months ago
By minnrashid  · 4 months ago
By tomaseliotphillips  · 4 months ago
By lisapearce  · 4 months ago
By rox_storm  · 4 months ago
i cant give any feedback as it wont download
By lawnotesxo2  · 4 months ago
Hi, all revision notes are instantly downloadable from the Stuvia website. If there are issues with the website, please send me your email address and I will email the documents to you.
By thomashalliday95  · 4 months ago
By indydhanda  · 4 months ago
By usmanmiah95  · 5 months ago
By charlotteboyes1  · 5 months ago
By pantofkag  · 6 months ago
I was just becoming desperate, that I can't structure clear and concise revision notes, so I saw those right on time. Thank you very much for helping the rest of us who are now through the process of going through the BLP exam.
By lawnotesxo2  · 6 months ago
Hi pantofkag, no problem at all! I hope you do well in the exams! Feel free to PM me if you need anything else:)
By lyjp926  · 6 months ago
By lawnotesxo2  · 6 months ago
Thank you very much! I hope you do well in the exams with these notes!
By tomhealy  · 6 months ago
Purchased as part of the Core Module bundle - highly recommend these notes, they cover all of the SGS and chapter material. They are presented in a succinct and easy to remember manner, while not leaving out any necessary detail.
By lawnotesxo2  · 6 months ago
Hi Tom, thank you for the reviews! I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming exams!
By georgiacain-greaves  · 6 months ago
By lawnotesxo2  · 6 months ago
Thank you for the review, best of luck with your exams!
Also available in bundle from £33.50
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