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P2- Explain how two contrasting businesses are influenced by stakeholders

Why buy this work you may ask? Every task for every unit meets the BTEC Criteria which is what makes my work different. I go in-depth into every aspect and make sure the specification to achieve the desired grade is met. It makes me 3-4 Per Task so i am only asking for a small contribution. Thanks. Stakeholders and their influence • Stakeholders: o internal, e.g. managers, employees, owners o external, e.g. suppliers, lenders, competitors, debtors, creditors, customers, government agencies and departments (local, national, international), communities (local, national, international), pressure groups, interest groups. • The influence of stakeholders on business success, e.g. shareholder value; customers as long-term assets (strong customer service enables customer loyalty and retention); employee involvement, corporate social responsibility (community groups and interest groups)

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