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P1- Explain the features of two contrasting businesses

Why buy this work you may ask? Every task for every unit meets the BTEC Criteria which is what makes my work different. I go in-depth into every aspect and make sure the specification to achieve the desired grade is met. It makes me 3-4 Per Task so i am only asking for a small contribution. Thanks. P1- Features of businesses • Ownership and liability: o private, e.g. sole trader, partnership, private limited company, public limited company, cooperative, limited and unlimited liability o public, e.g. government department o not-for-profit, e.g. charitable trust, voluntary. • Purposes, e.g. supply of products or services, difference between for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. • Sectors: primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary. • Scope of business activities: local, national, international. • Size: micro – up to nine staff, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): small – between 10 and 49 staff, medium – between 50 and 249 staff; large: more than 250 staff. • Reasons for success: how these differ depending on the type of business (profit or non-profit), and its aims and objectives, e.g. clarity of vision, innovative products or processes.

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