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P6, M3, D2 - Factors that Contribute to an Effective Workplace - Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism

BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3 Travel and Tourism - Unit 6 - Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism P6, M3, D2 - Distinction For P6, learners are required to explain the factors that contribute to an effective workplace. Evidence could be in the form of an article, report or presentation and should include an explanation of factors, including the full content detailed under working environment, working relationships, incentives and training. Links should be made to the travel and tourism sector, but this can be in general, rather than specific terms, for example relating teamwork to the role of cabin crew or holiday representatives, rather than named organisations. M3 follows on naturally from P6 with a review of how travel and tourism organisations motivate their staff in the workplace. At least two named organisations would be adequate for M3. Learners should choose organisations that give good scope for review. Finally for D2, learners must analyse the factors that contribute to an effective workplace. The relative importance of different factors should be explored and specific examples of good practice must be cited; this does not have to be restricted to the two organisations reviewed for M3 and could include topical initiatives and new approaches being trialled by organisations. The analysis could also consider how organisations successfully counter some of the issues relating to employment in the travel and tourism industry, for example long hours, poor pay and seasonality.

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Thank you very much for your positive review:)
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Thank you for your positive review it is much appreciated:)
By leonaabazi  · 1 month ago
there is no m3? i would like some of my money refunded as i did not receive what i paid for
By Lisa66  · 1 month ago
hey, M3 is included and written together with the other criteria. This work has been marked by real examiners and has achieved all criteria given in the description.
By rory_thompson  · 2 months ago
Their is no Merit, watch out
By Lisa66  · 2 months ago
Hi! The merit part is written together with the other criteria. It was marked by a real examiner and achieved all criteria mentioned above.
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Thank you so much for your positive feedback:)
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It is just copied from the textbook and the Merit is missing
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