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Unit 7 - European Destinations - P3, M2, D1 - Factors and Features (Paris and Malia)

BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3 Travel and Tourism - Unit 7 - European Destinations P3, M2, D1 - Distinction Factors and Features - Paris and Malia Comparing Germany and Greece The evidence for P3 could take the form of a written assessment or a presentation, seminar or exhibition. Learners are required to select two different types of leisure destinations, each in a different country in the European travel market and describe the factors and features that determine the appeal of the destinations ie accessibility, climate, attractions, cultural and economic. Learner must select their two destinations from the following types: beach resorts, winter sports resorts, countryside areas, cities. The two destinations must be from a different type. Both destinations chosen must offer the opportunity to cover all aspects of the content for P3. When describing the appeal, learners must link this to specific visitor types, highlighting where the destinations have wide appeal to many types of visitor and also specific appeal for example lively nightlife for young people, safe beaches for families etc. M2 progresses naturally from P3. It requires learners to explain how the factors and features described in P3 appeal to different types of visitor for their two selected European leisure destinations. For both destinations learners should consider at least two different types of customer at this level. For example, Paris has lots of provision for school groups and has ample daytime activities from the cultural (eg the Louvre) to fun activities such as Disneyland Paris. In addition, in the summer a beach area is created on the banks of the river Seine. Travel time is short and can be very cost effective by coach or budget airline. There are three airports with public transport links which along with the metro, mean that a coach is not required once the city is reached. There is a good choice of budget-priced accommodation specifically for students and a range of low-priced fast food outlets. Paris can appeal equally to couples looking for something special and is widely acknowledged as being a romantic city, ideal for honeymooners or couples celebrating an anniversary. It is easily accessible by air by scheduled airline form many regional airports or by Eurostar, making it suitable for short breaks. Paris has a wide range of centrally-located quality accommodation, fine restaurants and international cabarets and entertainment. Couples can wander among the artists in Montmartre, browse through renowned art galleries, take in magnificent views from the top of the Eiffel Tower and relax on cruises on the river Seine. There are also exceptional shopping opportunities ranging from designer fashions to antiques. In order to achieve D1, learners must choose one of the destinations that they have examined in P3 and M2. They should recommend how the destination could appeal to a different type of visitors than it does currently, therefore increasing its overall appeal. For example, if learners selected Meribel, they could recommend activities that could take place in the winter that would attract non-skiing tourists. At this level, learners’ recommendations should be detailed and realistic for use within the travel industry. Learners’ recommendations should clearly link to the visitor type(s) they are seeking to attract and could recommend initiatives that have been successful for other similar types of destinations.

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