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P1, P2, M1 - Customer Service

BTEC Travel and Tourism - Unit 4 - Customer Service P1, P2, M1 - Merit The evidence for P1 must include an explanation of the importance of excellent customer service to the organisations, to the customer and to the employee.Learners should explain the importance of excellent customer service, covering all items contained in the content range following the italic sub-headings, ie customer service, importance to the organisation, importance to the customer and importance to the employee. The explanation should be supported by examples from at least two travel and tourism organisations. The examples could be generated by visits to organisations or by case study information and websites of travel and tourism companies, or a mixture of these. It is essential that suitable examples are found to support coverage of the full content range. P2 progresses from P1 and learners must describe customer service provision, and how it is adapted to meet the individual needs of different types of customers, including internal customers, individuals and groups. Customer service provision must include products and services, stated and unstated needs, special needs, customers with cultural and language needs and other needs, for example relating to age, gender, socioeconomic group, family circumstances, eg needs of families with young children/babies. The description can be broad but must be supported by sector specific examples, eg Virgin Atlantic customers include business travellers and wealthy leisure travellers in upper class and premium economy. Less wealthy leisure travellers are served by an economy cabin. Differentiation of the products and services for the different classes would be included, saying how these meet the needs of the different types of customers. Learners must relate P2 to at least two travel and tourism organisations and these can be the same as those used for P1 if preferred. M1 further develops P2. In order to achieve M1, learners will need to assess the customer service provided by selected organisations, making a clear link to how it meets the specific needs of different types of customers. This will require some judgement on the effectiveness of the provision. Customer profiles can be provided so that learners can identify the specific needs to be satisfied and illustrate with examples how they are satisfied.

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