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Edexcel Government and Politics Unit 4C Extended Themes in Political Analysis (American Politics) Comprehensive 35 page example booklet

This is an excellent and comprehensive revision guide to Edexcel's Government and Politics Unit 4C Exam (Extended Themes in Political Analysis, American Politics) and provides over 35 pages of recent, relevant examples, broken down into subtopic within the four main topics, including Congress, Constitution, Powers of the President and the Supreme Court. Contents includes: (1) Congress: Origins of Congressional Power Powers of Congress Limitations of Congressional Power Exclusive Powers of the House of Representatives and its relative power Exclusive Powers of the Senate and its relative power How well does Congress scrutinise the Executive? How well does Congress scrutinise Foreign Policy? How well does Congress scrutinise the judiciary? Gridlock in Congress Committee Chairmen Representation of Congress Speaker John Boehner Partisanship within Congress Factors influencing the votes of Congressmen Midterms Is Congress ‘broken?’ (2) Supreme Court: Origins of the SC Judicial Philosophies, including: Judicial Restraint/ Conservative Judicial Activism and Judicial Review The appointment and confirmation process of judges Factors influencing the presidential nomination of judges Controversial appointments Politicisation of the process Obama’s nominations Formal and Informal checks on the power of the SC The Roberts Court (2009-Present) Evidence of an ideological shift Recent SC rulings (3) The Presidency President as Chief Legislator Non legislative Powers of the President President as Head of Executive Government (relating to the cabinet, selection of its members and its significance) The Federal Bureaucracy The Executive Office of the President and White House Office National Security Council How effectively does the President impose his will on the executive branch of government? President as Head of State President and Foreign Policy The Bush Doctrine Power of the Vice President Joe Biden Profile Is the President limited to ‘the power to persuade?’ Characteristics of a Partisan Presidency Checks on the power of the President Theories of Presidential power relating to the Imperial and Imperilled Presidency (4) The Constitution Its principles Amending the Constitution and List of 27 amendments Checks and Balances to amend the constitution Types of Federalism (Dual, Co-operative, creative, new) Factors leading to the growth of federal government Consequences of federalism Federalism in the 20th Century Political Views on the Constitution

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